Prepare to feel the rath of the sj.

–SJ Crozier

SJ Crozier
Vital Statistics
Real Name Shane Crozier
Alias SJ Crozier
Species Human
Production Details
Voiced by User:Sj23crozier

SJ Crozier (real name Shane Crozier) is a superhero with lightning powers when he was younger he was ashamed of his name so he changed his name to sj crozier after his friend was killed in gang vilonce he became a superhero.


Sj is a nice person but if he gets pissed off he is whole differnt person.

Physical ApperenceEdit

SJ is a light skinned black man he is 5 foot 9 he has black hair and blue eyes


SJ first became a superhero when he met Black lightning and he asked him if he would become his menor and he said yes from that day on he became sj crozier then he became a member of the team.

Powers And AbilitesEdit

Sj has lightning powers sometimes if he is mad he can kill someone if he eletricutes them.


  • Designation :28
  • Height :5"9

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