Rift Logo 2

Rift Incorporated is an intergalactic corporation that was created by Carter Lorren. It is listed on the New York Stock Exchange as RTI. It also is a vastly large and very well connected intergalactic corporation known not only to regular humans and meta-humans (and variations thereof) but also consumers and travelers from all over the known galaxy.


Rift Incorporated has it's headquarters located in a vast pocket dimension that was created by Kaira Lorren. It has entrances and exits all over the galaxy and every entrance leads to the exact same place in this Pocket Dimension. It does however, have offices in reality as well, as they have their fingers in almost everything. On earth they may not be the largest or most successful company, but in other parts of the universe they have a virtual monopoly. On many worlds (earth included), they have a surprising amount of influence over various political entities and have key law enforcement officials comfortably in their pockets. Should even this fail to get them what they want, they have more than enough muscle to back up any words in the form of Blackpine, their private military/security and the strong arm of Rift.


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