"Revival" is the first episode of the of Young Justice: Awakening, the third season of Young Justice. It aired on December 18, 2013.


Ras Al Ghul resurrects a long lost hero...but it turns out his plan didn't go the way he had hoped.


The Lazarus Pit
October 27, 03:29 EST

[We see the Lazarus Pit, green as ever and boiling like a tea kettle. Several assassins are lined up on either side of the pit, looking down into the liquid abyss. Everything is kept calm until a figure erupts from the Lazarus and is shown as Ras Al Ghul.]

[Assassin #1]: Master...

[Ras Al Ghul]: Awake at last...

[Theme song]

[Ras Al Ghul]: It is done, I am alive once again. Kudos, my servants.

[Ras Al Ghul walks carefully out of the pit to see two men waiting for him. The assassins put a green robe on Ras, covering his chest.]

[Ras Al Ghul]: How long to proceed Protocol Five?

[Assassin #2]: Any minute now, my master.

[Ras Al Ghul]: The subject has been acquired then, I assume?

[Assassin #2]: That was of first priority.

[Ras Al Ghul]: Excellent.

[The camera zooms out, revealing Batman on a ledge high above the pit. He is watching over Ras Al Ghul and his assassins.]

[Cyborg in transmission]:  Anything?

[Batman]: Negative. Keep quiet.

[Two servants with swords behind their backs approach Ras Al Ghul.]

[Assassin #3]: It appears this event is no longer private, my master.

[Assassin #4]: We have a guest.

[A hispanic woman with brown hair and dark jacket appears between both of the men.]

[Woman]: Father. You are alive, I see. Very good.

[Ras Al Ghul]: Talia. It's been too long, my daughter.

[Talia]: Today is the day, yes?

[Ras Al Ghul]: The one we've all been waiting for.

[Three assassins come over to Ras Al Ghul.]

[Assassin #5]: It is ready, my master. Protocol five is ready to commence.

[Ras Al Ghul grins.]

[Ras Al Ghul]: Let the ceremony begin.

Central City
March 3, 04:05 EST

[Our next scene depicts a warm and sunny summer afternoon in Central City. Nothing is viewed but a desert-like area and a straight road going on for miles, until a yellow streak blinds us as it zooms down the narrow street.]

[Miss Martian in transmission]: Look... I know how much his death has gotten to you... but you need to come home. Get some rest. After that mission three days ago, you've been running non-stop...

[Kid Flash]: I think I need a few more, Martian. We were close... and now that I'm back here... in Central City... I just need some time to just think...

[Miss Martian in transmission]: That's the problem, Bart. You've been thinking too much. You need to get your mind off of it.

[Kid Flash]: Not to mention it still feels a little... weird. You know... taking Wally's place.

[Miss Martian in transmission]: He would've wanted it this way.

[Kid Flash]: Never a way to tell for sure.

[Kid Flash continues running to the point where we see a truck in the distance and to the side a man who appears to be fixing blown out tires.]

[Miss Martian in transmission]: He couldn't have sacrificed his self and his mantle, Bart. I think he wanted you to take it up...

[Kid Flash stops to look in the distance noticing the stranded man, ignoring Miss Martian.]

[Miss Martian in transmission]: Bart?

[Kid Flash]: I'll call you back.

[Kid Flash zooms over to the truck in the distance, as the man finishes up with his last tire and puts the wrench in hand in his bag. Spotting the streak coming up in the distance, he keeps his head down. Kid Flash stops beside him as a cloud of dirt arises.]

[Kid Flash]: Everything okay here?

[The man ignores him, keeping quiet as he throws the bag in the truck, closing the side door soon after.]

[Kid Flash]: Hello? Do you need any help?

[The man checks the pressure on his tire, then stands back up facing Bart. Holding out a gun, he reveals his face.]

[Kid Flash]: Hey! Who the-

[Man]: You're one of those protégés, aren't you? Looks like the big man's been all sorts of busy...

[Kid Flash]: What are you-

[The man puts on a red helmet, disguising his face. He shoots straight at Bart as he dodges the bullet in response, losing his focus for just a second. When he turns back, the truck is gone- and so is the man. Kid Flash stares out into the open for a second, recapping in his head all that had just happened. Confused, he turns away, tapping his communicator.]

[Kid Flash]: Martian? Yeah... I think I'm ready to come home.

March 4, 2019, 03:29 EST

[In the distance, a motorcyclist is seen driving through the street of a small enclosed village. As it comes closer to view, it is revealed to be none other than Nightwing. Nightwing steers through several corners, until making a stop at a wide open area. The ground is covered with the rubble of a warehouse that now stands on wooden planks. Exiting the vehicle, Dick lifts off his helmet, walking towards the destruction. He scans around, eventually finding one spot of interest. Bending down, he picks up a pile of dead flowers, once placed as a memorial.]

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