Judah Paine
Vital Statistics
Real Name Judah Paine
Species Witch-man
Production Details
Voiced by Derek Stephen Prince

Reverend Judah Paine is the leader of the witch-men of Limbo Town.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Paine has all the distiguishing traits of a witch-man; tall and pale with angular features, black eyes and hair, and long, black fingernails. He ties his long hair back in a ponytail.

His clothing is Puritan in style; he wears an old-fashioned white suit shirt and black jacket with thick cuffs, a black neckcloth, black ankle breeches, and buckled shoes. While outdoors, Paine wears a capotain hat and a black cloak with a high collar. He is never seen without the Anathema Rod on his person.


Like most of his race, Paine is prideful of his witch-man heritage, but even more so in being a descendant of Algernon Paine, the prime mover of Limbo Town, and takes every opportunity to brag about it. The reverend is also obsessed with maintaining the integrity Limbo Town's culture and traditions, even if he must use extreme measures to do it.

Powers and AbilitiesEditEdit

  • Psychic Link: Paine has a strong bond with his familiar, a lizard named Olyander.
  • Sorcery


  • The Anathema Rod: A staff with, besides average magic potential, the inbuilt power to stop any chosen magical occurrences for a short period of time. This heirloom is the badge of Paine's status as reverend.

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