Red Hood
Red hood
Vital Statistics
Alias Red Hood, Ceeje
Species human
Production Details
First appearance: The Missing Files
Voiced by VideoGameFan9012

Red Hood (real name: CJ Lawton, born January 21st, 1995) is the assassin-trained son of Deadshot, member of the Team, and a Hunter.

Main InfoEdit

Full Name: Christopher Jacob Raymond Lawton

Relatives: Deadshot (father), Maria Lawton (mother)

Weapons: machete clubs, energy Uzis

Relationships: Kid Flash (close friend), Robin (close friend), Artemis (crush and closest friend)


Red Hood has a young-wild-and-free personality when he has fun. He is aggressive when he fights and when he is around girls, he is quite flirty. Overall, he is a pretty calm teenager who likes skateboarding and fighting, dislikes homework and has an interest in video games (not to mention Artemis).

Hero AppearranceEdit

In his hero clothes, he wears a red helmet with white eyes. He also has a black shirt under his brown jacket. On his back, he has crossed holsters for his machete clubs and the Hunters insignia on the holsters. He also has gray jeans with holsters for his energy Uzis on each side. Red Hood also has a belt that hold his tactical grenades, such as flashbangs and concussion grenades, and his lethal grenades, such as C4 and frag grenades. Finally, he has brown boots that have many different modes, like snow and ice, in which spikes would come out of his boots. He also wears brown gloves.

Civillian AppearranceEdit

In his civillian clothes, he basically wears his hero suit, except for his helmet, all of his weapons and gadgets with their holsters, and instead of boots, he wears lime green and orange sneakers.


"Can't Hold Us" by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat. Ray Dalton

"Renegade" by Eva Simons

"Trapdoor" by Feed Me and Hadouken

"Centipede" by Knife Party

(I don't own any of the songs)

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