An In-training heroine. The neice of Black Canary.

Red Canary
Vital Statistics
Real Name Bradley Lance
Alias Red Canary, Red, RC
Species Human


Red Canary is hyperactive, creative, a science prodigy, a techie, and a gymnist who, as black canary puts it, "has a big ego for such a little kid." Red Canary loves baseball and offten wears her base ball cap and carries her baseball bat. She tends to atempt to pull pranks on the super heros often leading to her geting yelled at. She doesn't take things very seriously. She also has a temper but gets upset when her teamates get hurt.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Red Canary is a 12 year old Caucasian with chin length blonde hair and 3 missing teeth (Black Canary said she was in an acident that involved a baseball flying in the air at about 70 miles per hour). Her eyes are a Navy blue. She is normaly seen wearing a red jean jacket, a white t-shirt, jean shorts, and a baseball cap. For her combat out fit she has a red version of black canary's outfit but the black, one-peice bustier-leatard combination is replaced with black leggins and a black t-shirt. She also is seen wearing her base ball helmat in combat.


Both Red Canary's mother and Father died when she was 7 leaving Bradley in the care of her aunt, Black Canary. She first figured out she had powers when she was at baseball practice and was hit by a ball in the head. She let out a Canary Screach that almost deafend the baseball team. From then on she has been Black Canary's side kick Red Canary.

Powers& AbilitiesEdit


  • Canary Cry:


  • Above Average Physical Conditioning: She has Highly exceded the physical standards of a girl her age. Which gives her Impresive reflexes, speed, endurance, agility, and Durability
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: She has trained in hand-to-hand combat with her aunt and has proven to be highly above average for a girl her age when it comes to fighting skills.
  • High Intelect: She is a techie and a science prodigy.


Base Ball Helmat: Even though she is told time and time again not to take it on missions, She still birngs it. It has proven very useful when fighting agiesnt an opponent with greater skills.

Note book (mini laptop): She keeps it in either her duffle bag (for baseball/school) or her back pack (missions).


  • Taser: She only carries it when she is in public under non mission circumstances.
  • Baton: It can shrink down to a pocket sized clynder, she uses it on missions (when she doesn't have her baseball bat)
  • Baseball bat: Even though she is told to not take it on missions she still does. It has proven use full as a close range weapon.

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