Vital Statistics
Real Name Rachel
Production Details
First appearance: "Young Justice: Lunacy" (voice)

"Young Justice: Midway" (official)

Voiced by Tara Strong

Raven is the right-hand girl of Beulah Bleak.

Physical appearanceEdit

Raven is a pretty, caucasian thirteen year-old girl, with shoulder length, dark violet hair parted in the middle, and violet eyes. She has a red gemstone in the middle of her forehead, and speaks in a soft, ethreal voice.

Raven wears a dark indigo, hooded cowl-neck cape with four slits, and fastened by a chain linked to two round, red gems. Underneath, she wears a black dress with a lace-up neck and a blue sash wrapped around her waist, black fingerless gloves, gray tights, and dark indigo boots. On the back of her gloves are round, red gems.

While in disguise, Raven dressed in a blue hooded raincoat, black tights, and ankle boots.


Raven acts utterly emotionless and is abrupt in her speech, making her appear cold and eerie to many people, but this couldn't be further from the truth. Though Raven is very mature and sensible for someone her age, she is also a benevolent and very shy girl. Despite a limited knowledge of how to deal with people, Raven tends to become fiercely loyal to anyone who shows her compassion, Beulah, Nightwing, and Beast Boy being prime examples.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Flight
  • Empathy: Raven can sense the temperment and current emotional state of people around her, and occasionally, lasting emotional signatures in places. Sub-powers include:
    • Empathic Absorption: Raven can extract emotions from other humans into herself.
    • Empathic Inducement: Raven can place people in any state of mind she chooses, such as creating a hysteria of rage in her enemies, causing them to fight each other.
    • Empathic Healing: Raven can heal nearly any injury empathically, though she must experience the pain of the injury while she does so.
  • Sorcery: Raven is learning witchcraft from Beulah.


Control over emotions: Should Raven have any less than complete contol over her emotional state, she releases powerful, and potentially dangerous, free energy. When she got got angry at Grundy, the energy she unleased blew up a fire hydrant and bent several street signs.