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Position is the first episode in the first season of the fanon series, The Missing Files, created by VideoGameFan9012.


  • Red Hood joins the Team and thinks about his place in the Team after last night's mission.
  • Artemis and Kid Flash discuss Red Hood's behavior when he is under extreme "new member pressure".


Mount Justice 12:49 PM EST

"Recognized, Red Hood, H01." the computer announced. Red Hood came out of the Zeta-Tube to see Kid Flash and Robin sitting on the couch, watching a reality show. "Oh, he is SO eliminated." Kid Flash said. A cheer rose up from the TV crowd. "He's out!" the host cried. "Yes!" the two friends yelled. They almost flew out of their seats. "Did I miss something?" Red Hood asked. Dick and Wally looked back. "Oh, nothing, CJ." Dick assured him. Red Hood took off his mask to reveal his face. There were bags under his eyes from the all-nighter mission, in which he received extreme pressure from his teammates in the certain situation they were in.

Bolivia 9:23 PM EST, fifteen hours earlier

"Great. We're trapped. And it's all because of Miss "Hey, Watch Me Kill That Robot"." Red Hood scolded Artemis. Artemis smirked. "Yeah, like I did anything. I tried to get into the base, but noooooo, YOU said I should stay to preserve my pretty face." Red Hood growled. "It won't be so pretty when I'm done with ya." Kid Flash got in the middle of the two. "Woah, woah, woah. Babe, calm down. That goes for you too, CJ. Cool it." The three stood in a cage inside of Doctor Ivo's lab. "Let's just get the heck outta here. I'm starving and time." Red Hood said. Suddenly, CJ got out his energy Uzis and shot through the cage. "I'm thirsty. Get us outta here." Kid Flash urged. Under the helmet, CJ had sweat trickling down his face. "Lord, help me." he silently prayed.

Mount Justice 12:56 PM EST

"You remember that, babe?" Kid Flash asked. Artemis had come after Red Hood. "Lemme think about it..YES! Whadda you think, I'm not gonna remember it? It was just lat night!" she said. Meanwhile, CJ wondered about his classification in the Team. Am I, like, The Underdog? The Brute? The Aggressive? he thought.

Bolivia 12:36 AM EST, twelve hours earlier

Red Hood had gotten out of the cage, beat up all the guards without help (including Doctor Ivo), and escaped the facility. The three run away into the rising sunlight.

Mount Justice 1:02 PM EST

CJ soon realized something. He knew who he was. I'm me.


It is called "Position" because CJ wonders his position in the team.

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