Season 0, Episode 1
Overlord image
Air date none
Written by VideoGameFan9012
Directed by VideoGameFan9012
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Overlord is the first episode of the fanon series, Young Justice: Alternate, created by VideoGameFan9012.


CJ: This was the end from the beginning. I just knew it. Leaguers almost dying was Savage's plan, leaving the people with scraps to pick up was Savage's plan, I hated that plan when I first laid eyes on it. Great, my wife has a baby, I have a hole in the middle of ashes as a home, and the Light agents are coming to inspect the house. Perfect. "Babe, you sure we'll make it?" Artemis called from her bed. I sighed. "Believe in me. We'll make it and make sure Samuel gets somewhere safe, got it? Savage doesn't stand a chance unless he's got an which he does. Oh, crap." I closed my mouth. I said too much. Artemis stared at me, almost teary-eyed. I knew that look. It was despair. Pure fear with only scraps of memories and hopes of making it out of this dilemma alive. She was scared. I was, too. Everyone was. Megan is. Connor is. Dad is. Bruce is. Clark is. Like I said, scared.

Artemis: I couldn't believe CJ is actually calm about this. Vandal Savage taking over a fair amount of the U.S. and.....all this's almost unbearable. But, yet, he's still brave...I don't know how he does it. How he manages to......y'know.

CJ: We were still stuck in a hole.....literally. Only seconds had passed since Artemis had looked at me. I knew what I had to do. "I'm gonna call Dick, to have him help us." I said. I can't believe I just said that. Artemis half-laughed, half-cried after I said it. I knew what she was thinking and as I was about to clarify, she put her thoughts into three simple words: "ARE YOU CRAZY?" I told you. You didn't listen. Sorry. "No, I'm not. They have more supplies then we do. Now, c'mon." I said. She laid there like I hadn't said anything. "I'm staying right here with Sam, if you don't mind me leaving you to die out there." That was it. Something in me.....snapped. "I.....GOTTA......GAIN SANITY!" I said through grunts of anger. I slowly recuperated. When I looked at Artemis, she was holding our son in her arms, eyes shut tight, tears running down her beautiful face, Sam....crying? Wait, what?

Artemis: I dunno what happened to Ceeje, he just....blew. That made Samuel blow, too. God help us.


"Overlord" refers to Vandal Savage taking over Happy Harbor, Gotham City and Metropolis.


CJ: Like I said, scared.

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