Young Justice: The Future of Justice
Season 1, Episode 1
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The episode starts inside Mt. Justice, with the interior bearing great resemblence to Titans Tower. Nightwing is welcoming the new members of the Team.

(Nightwing): ...and now I declare you husbands and wives.

(Isiah/Hotspot): What?

(Nightwing): Kidding.... I now officially declare you members of the Team. Great job, guys.

Batman walks in, with a new uniform.

(Nightwing): You go, Bats!

(Batman): It seems something is going on in Gorrila City, I need you to go and find out what it is.

(Terra): Alright, our first mission.

(Batman): Wait, Terra, Raven and Killowat, you need to stay here for training with your mentors.

Zatanna and Blue Lightning walks in.

(Zatanna): What's up?

Robin, Beast Boy and Blue Beetle walk in.

(Beast Boy): Right now, the ceiling.

(Blue Beetle): She meant sonething else.

(Beast Boy): I knew that.

Nightwing nods at Batman, then exits, followed by Robin, Beast Boy, Blue Beetle, Hot Spot, Bushido and Jinx.

(Terra): Why do we have to train anyway?

(Raven): To control your powers and your rage.

(Killowat): She's right. If my powers are misused, the world will be plunged in chaos.

(Terra): Fine, but I will fight with em'.

Major EventsEdit

  • Nightwing, Robin, Blue Beetle, Batman, Zatanna and Blue Lightning make their first reappearance.
  • Raven, Hotspot, Bushido, Killowat, Jinx and Terra make their first appearances join the Team.


The TeamEdit

Justice LeagueEdit


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