As usual, this idea must remain fictional because the creators of the show wouldn't want their fans to share their ideas with them.

Justice League Nominees:

1. Adam Strange

2. Batwoman (Cassandra Cain)

3. Cheshire

4. The Flash (Jay Garrick)

5. Gnaark

5. Green Hornet [he and Kato twice appeared in the very first Batman show]

6. Green Lantern (Alan Scott)

7. Green Lantern (Guy Gardner)

8. Wildcat (Ted Grant)

Young Justice nominees:

1. Aquagirl

2. Aqualad (Garth)

3. Argent [Brittish accented like in Teen Titans]

4. Bushido

5. Captain Marvel Jr.

6. Cyborg

7. Gear (Richie Foley)

8. Geo-Force

9. Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner)

10. Hawkgirl (Sa'ra Hol) [very 1st appearance as Hawkman and Hawkwoman's daughter]

11. Herald

12. Hot Spot

13. Jericho Wilson

14. Katana

15. Kato [he and Green Hornet twice appeared in the very 1st Batman show]

16. Killowatt

17. Kole

18. Lightning

19. Mary Marvel

20. Pantha

20. Plastic Boy (Carl Ollivers) [very 1st appearance as Plastic Man's neighbour's kid]

21. the Player (Tawny Stevens) [very 1st appearance]

21. Private Atom (Sora Reeves [very 1st appearance as Captain Atom's teenage female trainee]

22. Proto-Bot

23. Raven

24. Speedy

25. Starfire

26. Static Shock

27. Supergirl

28. Terra

29. Thunder

30. Tornado Champion (Jade Smith) [very 1st appearance as Red Tornado's daughter]

31. the Tunneler (Sierra Estevez) [very 1st appearance]

32. Wildebeest

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