Melanie was bored and born with powers and was looking for an outlet. Varrai found her and gave her that opportunity with Azuryan Incorporated.

Alias Melanie Beth, Morph
Age(2016) 23
Species Meta-Human

Powers and AbiltiesEdit

Her body composition is made up of an unknown bio-metal. This bio-metal is fluid in nature, and so she is able to "Morph" her body to varying sizes and degrees. This includes enhanced durabiltiy and an unparralled flexibility, all the while remaining impervious to most physical attacks. Melanie can also can also mentally control her physiology in the sense of temperatures, meaning she raise her body temperature or lower it as needed. She is also able to morph her limbs into various objects, such as keys, credit cards, razor sharp claws, and much more. When combined with her temperature control, this makes her a deadly opponent. She also has a degree of super strength.


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