Vital Statistics
Species Lord of Chaos
Production Details
Voiced by Troy Baker (Mordru);
Thom Adcox (host);
Mark Gibbon (host)
The Witch-boy is mine, wench. He will do as I tell him to, and you will not stop me.

–Mordru to Beulah

Mordru, also known as Mordru the Merciless, is a Lord of Chaos and Nabu's counterpart. Though very powerful independently, he prefers to take control of other magic users. His current host is Klarion Bleak.


When addressing someone directly, Mordru tends to speak in a charming and gracious manner, but this is all a ruse to manipulate others; the Lord of Chaos is cruel, sadistic, conceited, and shamelessly amoral. He is completely ruthless in his pursuit of turning the universe into his kingdom of chaos.



During his interdimensional journeys, Mordru came across Limbo Town and the witch-men. Seeing this race as ideal prospects for hosts, the Lord of Chaos decided to find a witch-man he could entice into being his pawn. Eventually, he noticed a mischievous witch-boy named Klarion Bleak, and chose to make him his host.

One day, after a fierce argument with his sister, Klarion ran off to the outskirts of town, and Mordru made his move: Pretending to be a fairy-like creature trapped under some rocks, the Lord of Chaos called out to the witch-boy for help. Once freed, Mordru offered to grant Klarion's a wish as thanks for the "rescue." Thrilled (and still angry with his sister,) Klarion asked "to be a powerful witch-man, and to be free to have fun whenever [he] pleased."

With that, Mordru possessed the witch-boy, placing his consciousness in a dream where he would forget his cares, and only indulge himself with games, candy and pranks. However, Beulah, Klarion's sister, witnessed Mordru's action, and thus began her quest to free her brother from Chaos' hold.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

  • Possession
  • Charm: Mordru can magically influence others to do what he tells them to.
  • Energy blasts
  • Magical constructs
  • Telepathy
  • Shapeshifting
  • Illusion Casting
  • Teleportation

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