Michael Terry is a brilliant young hacker. Born and raised in Coast City, he has hacked many major banks and corporations and used their financial information to move himself and get an apartment in Star City. It was there he had his accident and developed powers he never knew he had.

Alias Mistech, Hax, Mike
Age(2016) 18
Species Meta-Human

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Mistech is capable of Manipulating any gaseous form into any other type of gas, either a pure element or with complex compounds including mono-molecular mists. He is even able to manipulate his own body to become a gaseous entity, which means he is mostly invulnerable to physical harm, although he can still be harmed by unconventional attacks. However, He can only achieve a this state temporarily and with extreme concentration. This power can be used in unconventional physical combat, and this can be gas already present or what he created using his devices. There are many capabilities of this power. The most obvious are summoning lethal gas (poisonous, explosive, flammable etc) to kill his opponent, creating thick clouds of gas to make his next move and block enemy vision and forcing his opponent to aspyxiate. Mistech can also fly. He can float and move through air molecules allowing him to fly, at speeds unknown. Mistech Cannot generate the fog, however, and consequently wears a special costume with a built-in Smoke gauntlets (created by Net-X) that can throw a stream of smoke a maximum distance of 25 feet (7.6 m). He can then manipulate the smoke to do whatever he desires, and sometimes induce it to take semi-solid form as an animate fog-being (these creations, though capable of movement and of grasping or carrying solid objects, are not alive and do not think or act on their own). Any of Michael's foggy creations will immediately revert to ordinary fog if he turns his interest from it.

Aside from his power, Michael is a brilliant hacker and has hacked many banks and corporations without ever being caught or traced. His power and ability with computers made him and excellent Candidate for Blackpine International. Since he joined them, Chance has been training Michael in hand to hand combat and he is now a formidable adversary.


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