Mimic Girl
Vital Statistics
Real Name Azure "Aze" Lytes
Alias Mimic Girl, The Girl Who's All Ears
Species Hispanic
Designation B28
Production Details
First appearance: Not Announced Yet
Voiced by Tara Strong
 Mimic Girl (real name Azure "Aze" Lytes) is a kid who moved from New York City to Central City. She is very timid, especially with her powers since she thinks they are "useless".


Aze is very timid and shy, sometimes never even speaking. She is very self concious when she joined The Team because everyone was "bigger, better, srtonger, and older" than she was. She rarely hangs out with the big kids, mostly around the young peers like Wonder Girl, Impulse, Robin, and Beast Boy. She thinks she is worthless, but when she does a training session, she is tougher than she looks.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Aze is a hispanic (Puerto Rican) young lady with short brown hair, usually kept in a messy bun or a little ponytail, dark brown eyes, no lipstick, and pale-tanish skin. She usually wears T-shirts under tank-tops with jeans and sneakers. When Mimic Girl, she wears a black and blue cape with a blue glamour charm surrounded in 14ct. gold. She also wears a black long sleeved shirt with a blue head with "MG" written in the middle with light blue sound waves coming out of the ears, blue elbow length gloves, a blue belt, blue leggings, and black boots with blue strapson the feet.

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