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The MNS or Metahuman Nomad Society is an secret organized group of Meta-Humans or similar categories of sentient beings that all look after each other, no matter the circumstances, and no questions asked. Occasionally they will all team up for incredibly important or dangerous matters.

Current "Super" Members(2016) Adranus, Vex, Harrow, Koda, Bheithir, Black Alyce, Cynn, Tao Fang, Shard, Mako, Alke
Ages(2016) 16-Unknown
Species Meta-Humans, Sorcerors/Sorceresses and unknown


MNS was founded as a way from Meta-Humans or similar people in similar situations to ask and/or be helped by others with no fear or expectation of reprisal, prejudice, discrimination or monetary means. Its three core founders are Adranus, Seraphim and Bheithir. Its cover operation for costs and expenses by its members is a chain of Outdoor and Travel Equipment stores called Nomad situated around the globe. It has many non powered individuals working at its stores, for several reasons which include the help and support of its secret as well as public (non powered) members.

Natural RivalryEdit

Many members of MNS have grudges or scores to settle, and none more than its secret (powered) members. In fact, in a stunning coincidence, many, but not all of its powered members have grudges or scores with the private military company Blackpine International, or more specifically, its super powered contractors. As such, they will often team up in pairs, teams, or in the very rare occasion, all together to fight against Blackpine.


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