Mavis Donners is a meta-human who worked as an agent for C.O.N.T.R.O.L. , never going out to fight, but stayed in the HQ and worked the technology. At one point, she was kidnapped by KAOS and tortured for blueprints to the Titan , A doomsday device that could end the world. She was rescued by C.O.N.T.R.O.L agents, but has ever since held a fear of water


Mavis is very shy and withdrawn, prefering to spend time with a machine then with a human. She is very smart, and her lastest IQ test put her at a 140.


Mavis has shoulder length blonde hair and green eyes. She keeps a part of her hair up in a small ponytail on the side of her head. Her clothes consir of a dark colored skirt and a white shirt with a pink top over it.


Little is known about her past, but at one point she joined C.O.N.T.R.O.L. and became an agent working in the labs.

Powers and AblitiesEdit

Mavis is a techopath, which means she can control and mainuplate technology.

  • Data Manipulation
  • Efficacy Manipulation
  • Boost a machine's capacity or speed.
  • Electromagnetic Pulse Emission
  • GPS Manipulation
  • Physical Restoration
  • Scanning
  • Technological 
  • Activation & Deactivation: Can turn machines on or off at will. Can be used to induce blackouts. 
  • Technopathic Perception:  Mavis can read electronic signals, sort of like mind reading for machines.Used to "talk" to computers.
  • Technological Constructs: Mavis can create more that simple geometrical shapes but can also build other infinitely more intricate crafts of mechanical science.
  • Weapon Manipulation: Mavis can manipulate any piece of technology that has “weapon” as its main purpose.
  • Vehicle Manipulation: The ability to control vehicles and their functions.


  • Can’t control purely mechanical objects which possess no electronic or ferrous components.
  • Requires close proximity to object being manipulated.
  • Left powerless away from modern society.
  • People that can nulify Technological powers.


  • Mavis's middle name is Emma

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