M.I.A. (Missing In Action) is a fanon story based on the TV series, Young Justice and the movie, Man Of Steel. 


Many of our heroes have died like, Superman, Batman, and Deadshot. Only three heroes remain to save the world from Zod.

Main CharactersEdit

Name                                       Origin                                  Age
CJ Lawton                                San Diego/Gotham City        21
Wally West                               Central City                           21
Artemis Crock                          Gotham City                          20
General Zod                             Krypton                                 61



Outer Space
December 17, 21:48 EDT

Zod's command ship zoomed towards Earth. He looked through the glass at the beautiful planet. "Yes....all is well. ALL IS MINE! YES!!!" he screamed. One of his soldiers calmed him. "Sir! SIR! Stop, now! We're approaching the surface. Prepare.....for apocalypse."

Chapter 1

Palo Alto
December 18, 10:19 EDT

Wally flipped through channels on the TV, bored. "Alien theory, game show, Kryptonians...wait, KRYPTONIANS?!" He flipped back to the Palo Alto news channel. "The beings from Krypton have landed in Gotham City, eastern Palo Alto, and Central City." the news reporter said. "This could be the apocalypse."

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