Lian Bart

Baby Lian and Bart


He could not believe she was here. When he saw her he had to run out of the room before he broke down in front of everyone. He was amazed to see his mom there alive and well. It hurt him so much to see her because she had died saving him. She sacrificed herself for him and knowing that she would do that for him he could not help but cry a little. She was not his biological mother, but she was his mom, definitely more a mom than his biological mother. He then remembered the day his mom took him in.


He was sitting on his bed as a small four year old, watching who he thought was his mother pack. Then he watched her leave him and his two year old brother, he tried calling to her but she did not answer or look back. Luckily he was used to taking care of himself and Thawne, but after a few days he got worried so he decided to go get help. He decided to go to his dad’s old friend Lian; she had always been nice to him. Because of his superspeed he got to her house very fast. Lian was amazed to see him and when he told her and her husband about what happened they were very mad at his mother and went to his house and got his brother. They could not believe my biological mother could abandon us but he could. He was not surprised when Lian got word that she had given up custody he knew him and his brother were now orphans. His mother was bad before his dad died but she got worse after his death. She had never been a very good mother. She had not really wanted kids but kept us because his dad wanted them. He had not been allowed to call her Mommy or Mom but, could only call her Ma’am or Mother. After his dad died she barely talked to him or Thaddeus and would leave for hours at a time. He was not worried that he did not have his mom anymore but was worried that since he was an orphan now he would have to go to an orphanage, and he had heard some horrible stories about them.

He decided to sneak away before they sent him to an orphanage or so he thought. The night he tried to leave Lian came to his room as he tried to climb out the window. She was not that surprised to see him try to leave but asked him to sit down and talk with her. “So what are you doing Bart, are you trying to run away?” asked Lian.

“Yes”, he answered apprehensively, not sure where this conversation was going.

“Why are you leaving?” she asked, “your brother and family is here we would all be sad if you left.”

“No you would not be sad, no one wants me, and my own mother did not even want me, and since I am an orphan now you will send me to an orphanage. I do not want to go to an orphanage.” Bart replied curtly.

With a knowing smile knelt down in front of him, grabbed his hand and said, “Just because your mom did not want you do not mean others don’t want you. My mom left me too but I had my dad who wanted me and the rest of my family. You have people who want you too, like Wally, Artemis, your Grandma, and me.”

“What you want me?” he asked not believing her.

“Of course I want you, you are an amazing boy, and I came in here to ask you if you would let me be your new Mommy.”

“You really do want me?” he asked as tears formed in his eyes she nodded in reply and he ran into her open arms. “Thank you Ma’am.”

“I have a better than that you can call me.”

End of Memory----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Bart smiled at the memory from that day forward Lian was his mom and loved him until the day she died. Then Cassie walked in wondering where he had gone. He just told her he had to go to the bathroom very badly. Then they walked back in the room where Red Arrow and bay Lian were. He surprised himself by asking if he could hold her. When Red said yes he picked her up and held her on the couch and whispered in her ear “I missed you Mẹ.” (Mẹ means Mommy in Vietnamese)

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