Vital Statistics
Real Name Olivia Gold
Species Mutated human

Lux is a member of Alpha Three. She is currently in a relationship with Brine.

Personality Edit

Lux seems to have a serious and polite attitude about missions, and in the presence of those around her, especially around those she is at odds with. She appears to be very rational most of the time, but is not above using lethal or seemingly irrational methods.

In the face of her enemies, she has been known to show no other emotion but arrogance, confidence, deviousness, and ever so rarely, fear.

Physical appearance Edit

Lux is an attractive young Caucasian woman, with long platinum blonde hair, grey eyes and a slender build. She wears a long black cloak, sleek black pants and a black top. She also has two small silver bands around her arms. Lux is commonly seen wearing her hood.

History Edit

Early life Edit

At the age of 14, Olivia Gold became the heroine known as Lux. Since then, she has allied herself with the Alpha Three, and their leader, Brine, whom she is also romantically involved with.

Powers and abilities Edit

Lux has the ability to manipulate ambient light for a variety of purposes. She can absorb all forms of illumination, and release that absorbed energy as blinding flashes of light, or destructive laser beams. She can refract lightwaves to create holographic images. Lux can focus photons into "hard light", and fire blasts of pure force or create protective barriers. She can fly by riding lightwaves. She can also turn into light thus making her invisible to the naked eye. She can make blasts of destructive energy. Her weakness is that she needs a light source to fuel her powers, and being placed in an area of absolute darkness severely weakens her abilities.

Equipment Edit

Relationships Edit

Silverbolt Edit

Brine Edit

Lux is Brine's girlfriend, and team mate.

Firestormblaze Edit

It has noted that in the past, Firestormblaze had a romantic interest in Lux, but it never developed into anything. He openly flirts with her, whenever he sees the chance to. Most don't catch unto his attraction to her, and just assume he's just playing games. Firestormblaze openly admits the fact that he has, and possibly never will win an argument against her; and agrees that when it comes to words, it's better to be on her side.

While Lux doesn't seem to have any romantic interest in him, she still cares about him. This care that she has for him makes him feel uneasy, and this usually results in him trying to assure her of his capabilities and safety.

Appearances Edit

Lost Haven

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