Lian Harper aka Red Arrow(Arrowette in the first story) is the daugher of Cheshire and Roy Harper. She was born in 2017 and is one of the oldest on the team.

Real Name Lian Harper
Alias(es) Red Arrow, Arrowette
Age 17(Ng) 22( Sequel)
Race Human
Production Details


She was said to have auburn hair and green eyes with tan-ish skin. She was also said to be tall
Lian Nguyen-Harper

Lian as a baby


She was said to be a very stubborn girl with a sharp tounge. Awkward moments and subjects never seem to bother her. She was also said to be smart and driven but a very rash girl in some descisions. When she was in the training session she was the one who was the most serious and the least hysterical during it. She seems to be very close to Shaw.


Roy and Jade, Lian's Parents


  • She is the oldest on the team at 17 almost 18 and 22 or 23 in the sequel
  • She and her dad are very close
  • She is dating Shaw


  • "Hey be careful what you say, my dad is a top notch marksman and my mom is an assassin."
  • "Yah but she taught Jai to use a bow, why did she do that?"
  • "But what's the big deal about this, I mean everyone on the team has been threatened by someone before."
  • "Yeah no one wants to hear your lovers quarrel."
  • "I… they told me not to tell."


Roy Harper(Red Arrow, Father)Edit

Lian and Roy have shown to be very close and have a good relationship. They act as though they are good friends.

Jade NguyenEdit

She and Lian were shown to have a slightly strained relationship(not as strained as Damian's and Batman's) since hermothers actions as a villain were on and off. However she still acted as though she cared about her mother.

Irey and JaiEdit

She acts as though Irey ad Jai are her siblings, by teasing and fighting with them from time to time ut overall hey are close an good friends.


She and Shaw wereshown to be close in the first story. Lian trusing Shaw with her life and helping him in many decisions. She was the only one to tell about Sportsmaster's attack before it happened and he tried to get her out alive. When she was hurt in one of their first missions Shaw stayed with her in the Med Bay as she healed. In the sequel they are dating.

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