Legends is a series created by Shadowgear2, which happens in the same universe as the series "Young Justice". Its main cast is composed of original characters, with support from the cast of the original series. Legends is set 4 years after the end Young Justice's second season.

Episode listing Edit

Legends will be divided into 3 seasons with 20 to 30 episodes each.

  • Sun Lady: In this episode, Rising Falcon meets the Sun Lady and they fight the Bloody Crusader together, creating the team to be known as "The Legends".
  • Time Stopper: In this episode, the Time Stopper travels through time and ends up joining the Legends.
  • Gateway: In this episode, Gateway travels around the world and ends up becoming a part of the Legends.

Trivia Edit

The First season will be centered around gathering the Legends and foiling Darkseid's plans, the Second season will be centered around the Legends interracting with the Justice League and its sub-teams and some DC events (like Forever Evil), the Third and seemingly last season will be centered around the Green Lantern mythos and most importantly the Emerald Twilight and Blackest Night/Brightest Day events.

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