Lagoon boy (l'gaan)is the protege of Aquaman and a member of the team he is the 

Lagoon boy
Lagoon boy
Vital Statistics
Real Name La'gaan
Alias l'gaan
Species atlantean
former classmate of Aqualad at the Conservatory of sorcery


When he was 20 he is a lot more stronger lot more fun and somtimes aggresive. He  began lot of training he then have his "puffer mode" lot stronger but sometimes get  jelous if he see miss martian and superboy

Physical appearanceEdit

Lagoon boy is a male Atlantean with amphibious adaption.He has green skin red eye and webbed ear claw and feat.He has dark finn on the ends of wich het tied in pony tails he wears a black short,and a pouch around his ankle.

in his puffer mode his body is inflated like a puffer fish,with glowing mystic tatoo on his arms.

Appearance Edit


  • it was created by awsometigeredshark12
  • it' not complete.

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