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Kyle Blackmane is a member of the manitou, who are best known by the manitou apache chiefs. He lives in El Paso alone with his sister. He is also something of a rival to Tye Longshadow, and they attended the same school as Jamie Reyes (Blue Beetle) before Tye vanished. He is a werewolf and named himself after a manitou animal spirit.

Alias Koda, Dog, Kyle
Age (2016) 17
Species Werewolf

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Kyle has enhanced physical strength, speed, reflexes, endurance and agility. These traits seem to apply to him even when in human form. It should be noted that when in his werewolf form he is far stronger than when in human form, Displaying many feats of super strength. Kyle also possesses superb physical resilience and remarkable regenerative abilities. He possesses full mental control of his wolf form. In this form, he also has access to powerful jaws and razor-sharp fangs and claws, making him a deadly close-quarters combatant. In this form kyle also has superhumanly acute senses that are comparable to those possessed by certain animals. He is able to see objects with greater clarity and at much greater distances than an ordinary human. His sight is enhanced to the point that he could see with this same level of clarity in almost complete darkness. This may have been in part a result of being able to see into the infrared and ultraviolet portions of the spectrum. His sense of hearing is enhanced in a similar manner, allowing him to hear sounds that humans cannot. He is able to use his highly developed sense of smell to track targets by scent. He is able to track targets with an impressive degree of success, even if the scent has been eroded by natural factors such as weather conditions. His special attack is the pounce. If used before an opponent is aware, it can be devastating. Most enemies cannot react to his leap before being hit. Combined with the ability to stalk, move quietly, and see in the dark it provides him with the initiative in a fight.
Huge werewolf

Koda in Wolf Form


Tye LongshadowEdit

These two are somewhat at odds with one another, and have developed a natural rivalry.

Jaime ReyesEdit

Koda is currently unaware Jaime is the Blue Beetle, however, the two have never really been friendly towards eachother.

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