Knights of justice league

Watch tower- Superman the Demons race are attacking. Batman-manhunter tell the league to get the ships ready we're going to war, (3 hours later) Flash- Hal use ur ring to create a shield over earth man these guys are tough *pant pant* *incoming messege* Wonder woman- there on the watch tower oh god AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!. Ultra girl- what the hell? Hawk girl-Ultra get in to space and blow these things to pieces Ultra girl- ooooooooooooooook.

DEMON SHIP(name is powerhouse) POWERHOUSE- demon1- WE are winning Demon 2- no we are not that girl is strong use the beam to get some in earth Demon 1- ROGER.

power house passing the watch tower

Earth- (5 hours later) Dark crusader- the justice league should be here by now, im getting overwelmed shit WHERE THE HELL ARE THEY (explosian) Angel bow here and get the F*** out of my world Hawk how are you doing over there Blind hawk- these guys are Easier then getting it on with Starfire hehe Angel bow- (-_-) Dark crusader- The beam is coming from space, Angel bow- got it (looks into her scope) it's a large emp that blows up in space the watch tower will be ok i think.

Mount Knights- Dark crusader- this is my base Angel bow sweet, Blind hawk- so i guess we are a team?

Dark crusader- we should be the earth needs real heros.

later on Ultra girl joins THE END


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