Ooh, kitty's got claws!


Vital Statistics
Real Name Katrina Fox
Alias Kat, Kitty, Kitten
Species Human with genetically altered DNA

Kat (real name Katrina Fox) is an ally of both SaberX, and Firestormblaze. She acts as Saber's sparring partner, and field partner along with Luna.


Katrina or Kat, as she prefers to be called is a rebellious, and confrontational individual. Cunning and skilled in combat, she holds back nothing when in battle, especially to those who she feels deserve a good beating. She is a very sociable cat, but only when it comes to very attractive men. Kat hates cat stereotypes, and is truly willing to show whoever uses them towards her just how much. Though she does have most feline characteristics such as: playing, fighting, grooming, hunting and feeding.

Physical appearance Edit

Kat has long purple hair, and golden eyes; as well as dark skin. She wears a low cut top, with blue jeans and a silver belt. She wears gloves with sleeves that go half-way up her arms.

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Powers and abilities Edit

Powers Edit

Abilities Edit

  • Physical
    • Enhanced Strength:
    • Enhanced Durability:
  • Expert marksman:
  • Hand to hand combat: Kat is incredibly adept at hand-to-hand combat.
  • Stealth:
  • Mental:
    • Superhuman Agility:
    • Enhanced Senses: Katrina, having the abilities of a cat, can hear and smell more efficiently than humans, or dogs.
  • Claws
  • Fangs

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Relationships Edit


Unlike Luna, Kat considers SaberX to be the one who's more fun, between Luna and himself. Saber doesn't seem to mind, and actually enjoys Kat's company.


Despite her age, Kat has a sort of rivalry with Luna. Kat treats Luna as a younger sibling, and Luna treats her as an older. Like siblings, they tend to have their fights, and such, but end up working together anyway.


Firestormblaze currently has no basic thoughts about Katrina, besides the usual. But she has plenty about him. More than once, Kat has shown interest in him. His talent, his excitement, his hobbies, and his attitude. All those things about him intrigue her. Most people have seemingly yet to notice, besides Blaze himself, but she keeps a watchful eye on him. As he does her.




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