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Karman Shea is an Irish sorceress that found herself on the wrong side of the law. Along her journey she joined Blackpine with Luke and is now their resident magic user. Her biological half brother is Derek Shea, Also known as Bheithir.

Alias  Karman, Karma
Age(2016) Unknown
Species Human

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Samantha's powers derive from two main sources: her innate capacity to manipulate ambient magical energy honed through practice, and her acquired knowledge of spells and enchantments. She can use her sorcery to generate powerful blasts of concussive force, heat, or light. She can teleport herself and others across great distances. Her knowledge of arcane lore enables her to cast spells with a variety of specific effects. Among the many spells she has employed include illusion-casting, flight, temporary paralysis, deflection of matter and energy, and elemental conversion. She also has a strong connection with nature, and her skills are greatly enhanced by natures presence. Other than her sorcerous abilities, she has been trained in basic hand to hand combat, although she is nowhere near as skilled as she would like to be. Her main rival is the Sorceress Known as Vex, who calls her an amateur Irish witch while Samantha calls her a heartless blonde harpy.



Samantha and Luke first met at a bar in England. He was on his way to a mission, and they just clicked. She joined up with his team called Blackpine a few months later, and has developed a crush on him. This is a fact she is sort of embarressed about.


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