Kaira Lorren best

Kaira Lorren is a ruthless businesswoman. She is the daughter of Carter Lorren. By the time she was 12 she already had a diverse and very successful stock portfolio. Like her father, she is one of the main financial backers behind Blackpine International. Unlike her father however, Kaira has a super power.

Alias Kaira, Lorren, Rift
Age (2016) 22
Species Meta-Human

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Unlike her father, Kaira does actually have a super power, which she has speculated she inherited from her mother, whom she has never seen since her 4th birthday. Kaira has the ability to teleport herself and others through time and space from one location to another. She has succeeded in teleporting herself across continents, from one continent to another, and even interplanetary and intergalactic distances on occasion. Interestingly enough, when she was introduced to Blackpine International, she worked with Boost and Net-X to create a technology that intergrated seamlessly into her DNA. This technology expanded her powers like never before. She is now able to not only travel between alternate dimensions, but create a pocket dimension of her own. Within this dimension, she is able to warp reality to her whims. So, being ever the businesswoman she was, she created an Interdimensional casino called Rift Casino Incorporated. She has no interest in playing "hero" or "villain" and so pretty much lives in her pocket dimension, venturing out only occasionally. Like her father, she is also naturally smart, athletic, cunning and manipulative.


Carter Lorren

Carter is her father


When they first met, they apprently had a connection. Some speculate it was their similar abilties, others speculate it was their natures. Whatever the reason, these two have flings on and off every so often.


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