Johnny Rider
Johnny Rider
Vital Statistics
Real Name Johnathan "Johnny" Rider
Species Human
Production Details
First appearance: Young Justice: Just Us
Heeeeeere's Johnny!

Johnny Rider

Johnny Rider is a super hero from England, who now lives in Central City. He was once a member of the Elite Squadron.


Johnny is a daring young man, who often appears somewhat aloof, carefree, and a bit self-absorbed. A self-proclaimed ladies man, Johnny enjoys flirting with other women, besides his own, Bridget.

In his early days, he was known to be immature, and goofy at times. As well as crazy. He hasn't strayed much from his old ways, and still enjoys pulling a few pranks here and there, when not on missions.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Johnny is always seen sporting a red bandana, a short blue vest, and black wrist guards. He has a slimmer build. He wears blue jeans and the design of the British flag on a long sleeved shirt.

History Edit

Equipment Edit

Kusarigama: Johnny's primary weapon is his Kusarigama. It contains a sickle attached to a chain. It may be used to attack opponents, or to incapacitate them with the chain.

Appearances Edit





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