Jai West is the son of Wally West and Artemis Crock. His alias is Speedy in The Next Generation of Young Justice and Green Arrow in the sequel Out of Lights Reach. He is dating Zeena Zatara

Real Name Jai West
Alias Green Arrow, Speedy
Age 15( NG) 20( Sequel)
Race Human


Jai was shown to be alot different from his sister Irey being mellow, and not very snarky.However like his sister he was stubborn.He was shown to be supporting and a good friend as well with Damian and Zeena whe they were going through a hard time.
Wally and Artemis still together

Jai's parents


The Author stated she changed Jai's appearance because his mother was rtemis. So instead of having dark hair and dark eyes he has bonde hair and grey eyes with tan skin like his mother.


  • His best friends are Amistad and Damian
  • In the sequel he is the leader of the team and his protege is Olivia Queen aka Speedy daughter of the original Green Arrow and Black Canary ll

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