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Inner Daemon is a Freelance Master thief and spy who discovered his powers myteriously. He is a part-time member of Blackpine International. Thanks to his skills he has amassed a considerable fortune.

Alias Aaron Adams.
Age(2016) Unknown
Species Half Demon, Half Human

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Aaron possesses the dual abilities of intangibilty and possession. Through concentration, he can achieve different degrees of intangibility. He can his power offensively by leaving an object inside a person's body or phasing out an organ. He can alter the tangibility of parts of his body independently of each other. Thus, he can grab an object in a hand while the rest of his body remains intangible. While he is intangible, his body metabolism enables him to go without eating or without breathing for extended periods of time. In addition, Aaron can possess any sentient being after making physical contact with them; his body turns insubstantial and enters the subject. While he is in possession, He has access to all of that host's powers including physical, mental, and magical (if they have any), and is also able to tap into their memories. Aaron's victims are not able to control the actions of their bodies. After he leaves, they retain no memory of the experience.Edit


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