Warning:Spoilers are to be expected when browsing this section on the wiki.
Listen to my song of death

–Hummingbird upon meeting, Carter

Vital Statistics
Real Name Miranda West Thompson
Alias HummingBird
Species Meta-Human
Designation H13

Miranda is a teenage girl who loves singing and is the protege of Black Canary


Miranda was phsycotic and Sadistic. Since meeting black canary she has taken on a more happier and nicer mellower personality

Physical appearanceEdit

She has long black hair and grey eyes.

History Edit

Early life Edit

She robbed banks with her powers ,until she met Black Canary who rehabilitated her and joined The Team.

Present Edit

She was locked in Belle Reve Penitentiary but Black Canary visited and rehabilitated her. She currently apart of the team and is in a relationship with Carter

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Sonic Cry- she has a powerful scream that blows people and objects away like Black Canary

Siren Song- She can control people to come to her and control the minds of the weak minded through singing

Blood Manipulation-She can control her blood on the inside and outside her body she even control others blood which is a extremely rare.

Blood Tentacle Extension-She make tentacles out of her blood as weapons and to extend her hair

Equipment Edit

  • Inhibitor collar-She wears the inhibitor so she never forgets the terrible things she did

Relationships Edit

Carter Edit

She is inlove with him, and They are in a relationship He constantly asks if she'll be his partner in crime, and she giggles and answers back I'll think about.


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