Seriously, don't even try bossing me around.

–Heather Burton

[[File:Terra in Teen Titans|250pxpx|]]
Vital Statistics
Real Name Heather Maria Burton
Alias Heater Mariah Burpin'
Hannah Bellswan
Helen Birch
Species Human
Designation B17
Production Details
First appearance: N/A
Voiced by N/A

Heather Maria Burton is a human magician and a member of the Team, along with the other Aesir League members.

Physical appearanceEdit

Heather is a fairly pretty girl (as even Kid Flash seemed to have a crush on her), with long honey-blonde hair, light-blue eyes, pale skin, an athletic figure, and is 5'10. Her typical outfit consists of a blue shirt, black pants that reach up to her knees, violet boots, violet-tinted goggles around her neck, and violet gloves.

Personality and traitsEdit

Heather is a forceful, stubborn, and sarcastic girl. She is somewhat of a prankster, though she'd never actually pull off pranks that could really hurt somebody. However, she usually knows when to be serious and has shown that she can intimidate both enemies and allies. Heather is also usually confident and can sometimes have a big head. She is also open-minded, as she was able to invent an electrokinetic technique: "electrobolts".

Powers, abilities, and skillsEdit

Heather is a powerful magician (in terms of ranks, she is now a witch) and she was given a tremendous Gift that she has learned to control and handle properly. Due to her training overseen by a mysterious organization known only as the Order, she now possesses the following powers and abilities:

  • Electrokinesis (Gift): Heather was born with the power to control lightning and electricity without the use of spells, runes, potions, or elixirs. She is now a master lightning elemental and even created a new technique, which was the usage of "electrobolts". She is even capable of absorbing electricity to heal electrocuted or electroshocked people or animals.
    • Atmokinesis: Due to her electrokinetic powers, she can create storms and control them to some extent.
  • Flight: Heather is also capable of flight and has displayed her impressive flying skills and was seen to be able to dodge projectiles of any manner while in the air.
  • Energy Projection and Manipulation: Heather can project her magic's energy as purple energy-manifestations, representing her Gift. She can project her magical energy as bolts, spheres, blasts, shields, swords, knives, wheels, floating platforms, among others.
  • Magic: Heather is capable of manipulating magic and channels this ability by speaking Latin spells (and sometimes with the help of her staff). She has also demonstrated to be rather good at brewing potions and casting Ancienza runes. Examples of spells she has used include:
    • Auxilium! ['Help!'; used to summon help for Heather]
    • Subvolo Belle off humi! ['Levitate Belle off the ground!'; used to levitate her friend Belle Martin off the ground to protect her from Hook and Black Spider]
    • Pulsate autem eos foras! ['Knock them out!'; used to render some thieves unconscious]

[To be continued. . .]

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