Vital Statistics
Real Name Carlos Ryusuukue Canterwood
Alias C,Carlos,Dragon,Heath
Species Human
Designation B28
Production Details
First appearance: Recruited

Personality Edit

Heath was great at fire juggling which make crush,Winter mad because didn't stick to the plan.He and the other guys play in a band called "Heavens Above" cause his teamates included him have inherited or given the powers of the greek gods.

Physical appearance Edit

He have Ginger hair and green eye but wores black shades to hide his identity when fighting crime with his friends


He wears a warm colored circus costume from his old days in the Haly Circus.In civilian, he wore a red vest,a Haly Circus sovineer T-shirt  and jeans with red sneakers


Early life Edit

Carlos' father was fire eater of the Haly Circus. He was close to the Graysons. After Dick's parents death,Carlos and Harry missed him as he was adopted Mr.Wayne. Five years later, the twins' parents died in a fire accident in the museum and end up in a fancy foster house.When the twins are 15. Zarina meet him and the others,told them about Maxius(Jedi Gear) and save him. They all decided to live at Maxius'house because the Titans are still haunting them. It was Hera's idea

Present Edit

They been accepted by the Young Justice along with other young heroes

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