Harrow 1

James Harrow is a powerful sorcerer. He discovered his ability at the age of 18 when he accidently summoned a vast array of magical weaponry He has since then honed his abilty and is an incredibly powerful being.

Alias Harrow, jimmy
Age (2016) 20
Species Meta-Human

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Harrow is a powerful being with Magical abilities. Harrow possesses various magical powers such as spellcasting, flight, enhanced strength and telekinesis. He is a very skilled sorcerer, and he has also proven perfectly capable of casting spells without speaking. The limits of his powers have never been clearly established. He has used his powers to command elemental forces, heal, transmute and transmogrify objects, open portals, teleport using shadows, manipulate minds, summon weaponry to do his bidding, and attack his opponents with energy blasts. He has had some martial art training. He taught his student Vex everything she knows, and created her gauntlet. He is extremely powerful and should not be underestimated.

Harrow 2



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