Grip Lass
Vital Statistics
Real Name Alicia Faust
Species African American
Production Details
Voiced by Cherami Leigh
Grip Lass (real name Alicia Faust) is a new member.


Alicia is shy, caring and an introvert. But because of her gentle spirit, she at first is not used to fighting by using her second mouth, but by the time she went training, she be came in sync with her mouth and learns how to defend herself.

Usually during her free time, she reads shojo, shonen and yaoi manga or watch anime on her computer. She is especially fond of Maho Shojo (Magical Girl) anime. She has a crush on Catlad (or Stray).


Alicia has dark skin, dark brown eyes and black hair that became long after her second mouth formed. Her body is a feminine slender build and large breasts. Her clothing is that of a standard schoolgirl uniform; A white buttoned top with a red tie, a dark blue skirt, white socks with red stripes and mary jane shoes. When hiding her second mouth, she wears a hoodie.


16 year old Alicia Faust was facinated by japanese culture ever since she was young. But she was treated like outcast throughout her first high school year, so she became anti-social and always hangs out in the school library to escape in her books. She always wishes for something extrodinary to happen in her life and to get away from all her troubles, including winning the heart of a high school crush. One days she comes across a Magic Shop to find a good luck charm, there she finds a woman in magician's attire spots her and tells her that something unexpected and mysterious will happen to her, which Alicia didn't know what that meant. After Alicia bought a charm and left, she experienced major headaches one night. After a restless night, Alicia looked in horror as she looked in her mirror and saw a large mouth behind her head. She assumed it was a curse from when she went to the magic shop the other day.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Superstrength: Because of her second mouth being formed, she uses it as a weapon to crush, grab or grip any objects.


  • Her powers and abilities are based on an old japanese legend, the Futakuchi-onna.

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