Gateway, also known as Red Johnson, is a character from Legends, and a part of the team
 known as "The Legends".


Red Johnson grew up with abusive parents, and so, he became a bit... Gloomy. He tried to escape his family, but his Meta-gene kicked in out of nowhere and it teleported his father into the Grand Canyon. He then realized that it was his power that protected him that day when he accidentaly oppened a hole through his bed. He ran away from his home, so far that he endend up in Russia at the age of 10. An American man that lived in Russia at the time wellcomed him into his familly. However, that man turned out to be a wanted criminal and he planned to use Red's powers to commit crime. Thankfully, he wasn't fooled into stealing things or killing people, and instead ended up teleporting to a branch of S.T.A.R. Labs,where he learned to use his powers. Since then, he became the hero known as Gateway.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Red is tall, and with average weight. He's always in his costume, and he has tons of his costume.

Gear & PowersEdit

Red is able to open holes in reality to warp himself to wherever he wants that he has seen. His costume is only there to keep his identity secret.


Red is a member of The Legends, a team of superheroes operating aside from the Justice League.


  • Gateway: In this episode, Gateway travels around the world, and eventually joins the Legends.


  • "This guy ain't done editing the episode! Give the guy a break, will ya?" (Gateway)


  • He is aware of the 4th wall and loves to break it.
  • His costume is ridiculous.

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