The Galactic Frieza Empire (aka the New Planet Trade Organization) is an antagonist force of Young Justice X starring the new Young Justice members ( Damian Wayne and his personal helpers Ben Tennyson and Gohan, the son of Goku.) They are currently enslaving the universe into it's service.


The Galactic Frieza Empire was founded by Frieza in the year 2002 after a disbandment that ended their 1,000 year old terrony over the universe that was caused under the reign of his father King Cold, resulting in King Cold's death. Frezia got revenge and got help from his son Kuriza who recruted some of the Frieza force to help gain more power over the Universe.

The Space Terror ArcEdit

The Galactic Frieza Army decided to help the Brotherhood of Eternal Hatred led by Darkseid by having the slaves under their control to steel supplies from Earth to use for opperation destroy the current Young Justice aiding the Justice League.



  • Frezia (Supreme Leader, Emperor)
  • Kurzia (Crown Prince, Heir to the Throne)
  • Sorbet (Second in Command, Warlord and Commander in Cheif of the Army)

Notable MembersEdit

From A-Z

  • Alia
  • Basquat
  • Coats
  • Cui
  • Chidoru
  • Dodoria
  • Dr. Psychobos
  • Faora
  • Frog Face
  • Garana
  • General Zodd
  • Inspector 13
  • Khyber
  • Malaware
  • Shisami
  • Vala
  • Vilgax
  • Zarbon
  • Zed


  • Vilgax's Drones
  • Techadon Robots
  • Part-Sayains (Enslaved)
  • Saibamen - Part of the Original Army through Sayain Slaves
  • Arlians
  • Bas
  • Ankoku-seijin
  • Dodoria's race
  • Cui's race
  • Fishmen
  • Frog Face's race
  • Marshians
  • Kandorians

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