Fire Earthshaker
Vital Statistics
Real Name Mason Grey
Alias Fire
Species Human

Fire Earthshaker is a high-ranking member of the League of Shadows.


Mason Grey is a very passionate person with a fiery personality. As Fire Earthshaker, this only gets boosted. Also, Mason is very flirtatious around Terra, whom he has known for about three years. He isn't really in a clique at Gotham Academy, but in the League of Shadows, he's one of their best fighters, second only to Terra.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Mason is a caucasian teenage boy, about 5 foot 9. He's fairly tan, and has messy hair. He has a muscular build, likely due to all the training he's received. For civilian clothing, Mason wears a brown coat over a black T-shirt, or long-sleeved shirt in the Winter, blue jeans, and red, brown, or black Vans. Under the guise of Fire Earthshaker, Mason wears a red hoodie, a brown long-sleeved shirt, black pants, and black boots. Mason also attends Gotham Academy, and wears a brown or blue blazer, a white polo shirt, red tie, and black pants.


Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about Mason's early life, only that at one point he was taken in by the League of Shadows.


Currently, Mason attends Gotham Academy. As Fire, he often helps Shade with many of her missions.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Geokinesis: Mason is a very skilled at controlling the earth.
  • Pyrokinesis: Mason also is very adept at controlling and manipulating fire.


Multiluingualism: In addition to English, Mason can speak Spanish, French, and Italian.


Water: Water is the only thing that can defeat him. And maybe a little luck.


Terra RoseEdit

Terra is Mason's partner in League of Shadows missions. He helps her on nearly every occasion, usually to annoy or woe her. He's interested in being more than just partners.

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