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Fernando Ante is an Immigrant. He was abandoned on earth because his race thought his genetic anomaly was highly dangerous. His adopted parents are from Spain, but he was raised in the USA. On his 16th birthday, his birth parents appeared to him. They were from a distant world that they would take him to if he chose, but he refused and stayed where he was. Before they left, they unlocked his powers and told him his birth name : Ferr'ahl.

Alias Fernando, Ferr'ahl
Ages(2016) 18


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Before PotentialEdit

Ferr'ahl has a genetic anomaly that even his advanced species found highly dangerous. At a basic level he posseses superhuman strength, being able to lift somewhere between 25 and 75 tons, superhuman speed, his top speed being at around 150mph, exceeding most conventional vehicles, it enables him to briefly walk up walls defying gravity, superhuman agility, meaning his agility, balance, and bodily coordination are all enhanced to levels that are well beyond the natural physical limits of the finest human athlete. This coupled with his speed, strength and reflexes allowed him to outmaneuver almost anyone and deliver blows to vulnerable points with blinding speed and superhuman force. This also allows him to dodge most ranged attacks with ease. He is also able mentally control his body, re-routing his neurological impulses so that he can avoid experiencing physical pain, and even suppress any stimulus he does not want to experience, making him a deadly opponent in battle. In addition, Ferr'ahl is "triple jointed," allowing extreme feats of contortion and the ability to survive what would otherwise be crushing forces. Over the years he has become very skilled in armed and unarmed combat utilizing extreme athletics and gymnastics. He is capable of easily fending off multiple opponents at once. This is all before his parents unlocked his real powers.

After PotentialEdit

When his parents came to see him, they unlocked his full genetic potential, including his genetic anomalies safeguards. Afterwards, he is capable of propelling himself through the air at tremendous speeds. Although his top speed is unknown, he has flown at three times speed of sound for several hours, so it is likely he can go much faster. His durability also got a boost. The tissues of his body are now considerably harder and more resistant to physical injury than they normally would be. He is also now capable of firing powerful concussive blasts of photon and glowing blue energy from his hands. Their usage also cause his eyes to glow blue.

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