Eden Marie Taylor aka Eris is the vigilante hero of Gotham and current member of the team. She is good friend with Robin/Nightwing and is very loyal to Young Justice. However she keeps many secrets

Real name Eden Taylor
age: 15
powers: see abilities

Lila Taylor(mother)

Mick Taylor(father deceased)

Caroline Taylor (little sister)

Harper Taylor( older sister, deceased)

enemies: Klarion, The Reach, The Light
allies: Justice League, Cheshire
Status: Alive


Affiliation: Young Justice
Location: Gotham


Living in Gotham didn't give her a good life however her parents tried since her father's work was there. They put her, along with her older sister Harper into Gotham Academy where she met Barbara Gordon, Bette Kane, Dick Grayson and Artemis Crock who she became good friends with.  However her father was much hated since he worked in the mayor's office and supported the mayor. One night a man came in their house planning to kill him and his family. However he only managed to shot him in the chest and Harper in the head. He died later that night. Lila Taylor then tried to be strong by making her other daughters take karate and some weapons training. However she slowly went into a depression, not doing much or really taking care of her daughters. This made Ede mad and have to take care of her little sister Caroline. She then started to do the hero business. Little things at first until she got into the big stuff when Cadmus had a fire in Independence Day.


Eden was shown to be very introverted, keeping secrets from even her best friends. However she was shown to be loyal and pretty calm and collected most of the time. It was also shown that she was very mature and stubborn and a good strategist.


Even though Eden does not have any known powers she does show remarkable abilities in martial arts and weapon training similar to Robin and Artemis

Retractable Bo Staff- probably her most used weapon. She often uses it to do flips and catch her enemies off guard.

Utility belt- full of various weapons and different defensive objects such as smoke pellets and grapple hooks.

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