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Endpoint is A top secret organization that focuses on "Cleansing" the world and "Saving" It. It is known as a cult.


Not much is known about their past, but modern rituals include a painful secret circle which all agents must live through in order to join. The circle "purifies" agents for the end of the world. Each agent will where a dark suit and a white full face mask. They kidnapp certain people who they think need saving.

Known MemembersEdit

Tala Ra D'Gual - Leader (deceased)

Amy Micheals- Agent

Cooner Sammy- Agent

Gina Herlad - Agent

Yuri Lee - (Undercover) Agent


Thanks to Yuri's intel and the efforts of the Team, Tala was killed and Endpoint was compromised, and all of it's prsioners and agents set free.

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