Drastic is the 1st episode of Young Justice: Reloaded.

The EpisodeEdit

Nightwing is narrating as scnes of what he says come up.

Nightwing: Many changes have occured. Three weeks ago, the good friend Wally West died saving the world. That caused changes. Bart Allen took up the name of Kid Flash, Wally's girlfriend Artemis took up the mantle of Tigress. I on the other hand temporarly left the team. I needed a break. Everyone needs a break. The third Robin, Tim Drake, got tired of looking like a kid. He abandoned the Robin identity. He is now Red Robin. For the first time ever, there is no Robin. And now we live in a tragedy. Perhaps you should see this from the beggening. Let me roll the tape.

A scene of Robin (Dick Grayson) comes up. He jumps into a park like area to fight Mr. Freeze. Freeze claimed he was underwhelmed that Batman sent Robin instead of himself-

Nightwing: Wait, wait, wait. Haven't we already seen this? Dang it, let me fast forward.

Scenes of Young Justice and Invasion come up really fast.

Nightwing: Where were we last time? When Savage was with Darkseid? Yeah, I told you what happened after that. Basically, this is three weeeks later. Oh, and I also came back.

The real scene comes up. The team were at the Watchtower. Nightwing had arrived just yesterday to the team. 

Aqualad: It is good to have you back, Nightwing.

Nightwing: Good to be back, Kaldur.

Superboy: Gentlemen, I'm sorry for being short. Gotta jet.

Aqualad: Where are you going?

Superboy: Got business, buddy boy.

Nightwing: See ya.

Superboy left. The scene shifts to him in an alley. Black Canary entered.

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