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Gabriel's Human Form

"I'm not a hero, and I hope to never be seen as one."

Devilman (real name is Gabriel Cain) is a demonic hero that powers comes from the demon Amon. He had first encountered Batman and Robin in his demonic form during one of their patrols of Gotham, dealing with a group of demons. He had managed to fend off Batman and escape the two after a short battle.

He had several encounters with other heroes such as Superman, Green Arrow, amd Black Canary after he first encountered Batman.


Before he merged with Amon three years ago he was shy boy, with a few friends and was targeted by bullies.

After he merged with Amon his personality was almost completly opposite to what it was before. He was more outgoing, confident, and active, but also more aggressive. His aggressivnes was proven when he dealt with former bullies that had picked on him for a while.

When the bullies started to pick on him again after his change he had beaten them to a pulp and threatened them that if they tried to pick on him again that he would break a couple of their bones to make them stop.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Devilman has greyish-blue eyes and black shaggy hair. Before he merged with the demon Amon he was avarage height and slim. After he merged with Amon he gained a athletic build and was tall and muscular for someone his age. He had grown taller since then.

After his change he is able to generate clothes that he wears and prefers over most clothes since if he were to put anything else on it would just be destroyed if he had to change into his demonic-form (Devilman).

The clothes that he wears in his human form are a black leather jacket with grey lines running down the sides of it and a grey short-sleeved shirt underneath it with a dark-blue pair of jeans and black boots boots along with a small necklace that he wears around his neck.


Devilman doesn't need to change in his demonic form, but his powers are at their greatest when he is in it.

Enhanced Strengh: In his human form he is able to easily lift a car and throw it.

Flight: Only accesable in his his demonic-form. In his demonic-form he sprouts large bat-like wings from his back.

Energy Blasts: Has minor energy manipulation powers in human form, but is tired from use after a few blasts. 

Size-Manipulation: Only accesable in his demonic-form. In his demonic-form he is able to grow to at least Twenty Meters tall, but any injuries that he has recieved before hand get worse.

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