Catheryne Rand is a very talented woman in her twenties, living in Star City and not only is she a master thief, but also a bodyguard (for Blackpine) and part-time hero. She protects innocents and doesnt like to fight the big battles...she leaves that to the JLA. She steals only to fund her activities and provide food and shelter to those whom need it. She wont admit it, but she has a small crush on her teammate Vekk. Her only living relative is Jeremy Rand.

Alias Cathy, Cyra, Stretch
Age(2016) 23
Species Meta-Human

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Cyra is naturally cunning, smart and athletic. She can shift her body (or portions of same) into a super-malleable state, enabling her to stretch, compress, expand, deform, elongate, contract or otherwise reshape her physical form at will. This allows her to stretch her limbs, neck and torso to incredible lengths very quickly. She also possesses enhanced strength, endurance and speed, and is capable of regeneration of vast physical damage to herself, including total dismemberment. Due to her body's malleability, however, She is very vulnerable to extreme heat and cold. By reshaping her features, she can disguise herself at will. Aside from her powers, Cyra is an expert thief, cat-burglar, pickpocket and safe-cracker. She can demonstrate great physical self-control in her work using acrobatics, strength and concentration to her advantage. She is a skilled martial artist and parkour practitioner.


Cyra owns lots of equipment, used for either heroics or theivery. Her main outfit is specialized body armor with smoke bombs, small blades, a blaster and even a sword on occasion. For bodyguarding its mainly a easily cutaway business suit.

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