Blue hair zero point girl
Jackie 'Dare' Rosen is a 17 year old meta-human. She developed powers during her 12th birthday.

Alias Dare, Cynn, Jax
Age(2016) 17
Species Meta-Human


Jackie is a very simple young woman. She killed her family when she was 12 as her powers were manifesting. As to whether or not the killings were intentional is a mystery as she has never said one word since that day. What is known is that if provoked she can be utterly ruthless. However she apparently carries no grudges except the one person who has ever managed to escape her powers grasp.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Jackies power is Zero-Point Energy Manipulation. She is able to control and direct Zero-Point Energy, the lowest possible energy of a quantum mechanical physical system. She can also tap into the zero-point energy of vacuum energy to manipulate all fields of space.This gives her an Unlimited supply of Energy she can tap into. Along with this she is never fatigued, so needs no sleep or rest, and can paralyze opponents by holding them with a Zero-Point Energy beam. By doing this she can also move the paralyzed opponents in a similar manner to telekinesis. Only one person has ever escaped her grasp, and that person is Michael Terry. She can also send blasts of it at an opponent. Jackie has to rely on her powers, as she is next to useless in hand to hand combat.


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