Vital Statistics
Real Name Victor Stone
Alias Cy, Chrome Dome
Species Human with cybernetic implants.
Designation B27
Production Details
First appearance: "Cybernetics"
Voiced by Bumper Robinson
 Victor "Vic" Stone also known as Cyborg is a a half human, half robot member of The Team.


Due to rejection by everyone around him due to his Cybernetic implants Vic's character is a cold and serious person, who rejects most attempts at friendship. This particularly makes him a loner, however as the story progesses Vic starts to become more of a member of The Team. He also shows that despite his serious attitude he does know how to have fun eventually befriending Beast Boy. 


Prior to his surgery, Vic was a tall and slightly muscular African american male. He had short black hair and brown eyes. He had a habit of wearing seemingly sporty clothes as he was a major athelete. Now his entire body and half his face are covered in robotic parts. Also a red bionic eye replaces his normal eye on the half of his face which is robotic. 



Originally Vic had no superhuman abilities but upon becoming Cyborg he has the follwing.

  • Superhuman Strength: Vic's cyborg implants have given him augmented strength. 
  • Flight: Vic has rocket boosters on his feet which allow him to fly.
  • Enhanced Intellect: Vic's implants have given him a Genious IQ outmatching nearly everyone he knows.
  • Numerous functions: Vic's implants have several functionalities including weaponry, sensors, and several others.