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I always get what i want

–Carter talking to, Hummingbird

Vital Statistics
Real Name Q'tar L'sson
Alias MockingBird, Carter Lawson
Species Meta-Human-martian hybrid
Designation N/A

Carter loves destruction and manipulating peoples minds. His mother was a human withan active meta-gene and his father was a green Martian and is angered that his son is a white Martian


Carter is phsycotic and Sadistic. Carter enjoys the taste of Blood.

Physical AppearanceEdit


Q'tar in his white Martian

He has short blue-green hair and golden eyes in his humanoid form however he is a novice shapeshifter only able to transform from his human form to his white Martian form.

History Edit

Early life Edit

When he was little he tortured the other kids in his class. He controlled the minds of his teachers and got straight A's. When ever he went to stores he mind controlled people into buying him things. when he turned 15 his family moved to El Paso,Texas  Where he attempted to control his parent's minds , and for some reason they were immune to his control and they grounded . Then,he killed them, and later gained control of QL industries with the help of his many "talents".

Present Edit

He was locked in Belle Reve Penitentiary but escaped using his mind control and is no longer a wanted criminal do to his phsycic government influence. He now attends Rio Grande High School with Blue beetle AKA Jaime Reyes. He still owns QL industries

Powers and abilities Edit

Equipment Edit

Relationships Edit

Hummingbird Edit

He is in love with her, and they are in a relationship. He constantly asks if she'll be his partner.

Jaime ReyesEdit

He is friends with Blue Beetle AKA Jaime Reyes and Tye Longshadow.

Miss MartianEdit

Q'tar is best friends with Miss Martian and constantly talks to her.


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