Carrol is a teenage girl from England being chosen as another female Green Lantern and part of the Green Lantern Crops.

Green Lantern
Vital Statistics
Real Name Carrol (Cyan)
Alias Female Lantern
Species Human
Production Details
First appearance: Invasion
Voiced by Kimberly Brooks

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Carrol was chosen to be Green Lantern by accident because when she was walking around the park taking her dog for a walk they see an green glowing light in a middle of the woods and her dog rushed to the forest. Carrol runs to her dog and wants to know where it's running to. They saw a Green Lantern ring crashed landed on earth in the middle of the forest. Carrol picked up the ring thinking it's just a jewellery and likes it glowing thinking it's different like other rings she sees.

When she puts it on her clothes changes and see visions about being a Green Lantern, the battle, war and destruction. Her ring activates a call to the Green Lantern Core and one of the villains sensed it as well. Katma Tui[1]takes the leadership leading the Green Lantern members to go down to earth to see who's usig the Green lantern ring.

But the monster got to earth first and fights Carrol. Carrol is scared about what she's going to do. The monster told her to give him the ring she's holding. Carrol heard a voice inside her head saying "NO!" "Don't give the ring to evil!!" Carrol's dog is baking at the monster and attack it but got injured by his attack. Carrol uses the ring to push the monster away with her ring powers before attacking her untill Katma Tui and other Green lantern members jumps in just in time and chase the monster away with their powers from their rings. 

After the monster run back to whatever he came from Katma Tui saw Carrol using the ring already transformed she's thinking about she's another member of GL Crops. If she's allowed to join or not. Carrol said she just found the ring on the ground before using it. Katma explains about the Green Lantern ring, powers and battles and war to Carrol.

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Carrol's appearence is based on a "Female Green Lantern" concept as a teenager and she's human using a power ring just like Carol Ferris using the Sapphire Ring. She's like Artiems or Zantanna's age.

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