Candi West: is the younger sister of Wally West.She is 18 and has both super speed and the abilitiy to control shadowsEdit

Candi Wesr


Candi is very sweet and caring when it comes to her older brother Wally's kid Ally West. But if you mess with her family you are dead. She is also very energetic and loves science just like Wally but she also loves dancing and track. When out in the field she is very serious and doesn't play around.

Physical AppearenceEdit

Candi has red hair and green eyes just like Wally but with blue specks. She has a slight musclaur build. Her costume is a purple strapless tight bra with a black sleeveless denim/leather jacket that went up to her mid stomach.A black short skirt that went to her thighs.Purple bandages and black boots that went up to her ankles. A black choker and purple diamonds on it. A Batfamily Mask and black lipstick. She fluffs her hair a bit. 


Candi was born two years after Wally and found out she had the powers over shadows at the tender age of four. 

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